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In 2015, I decided to get 'fit for 40' and started my running journey. At almost exactly the same time, I started a voluntary role as a listener at Wolverhampton Samaritans. Both journeys have been both eye opening and challenging in equal measures.

In January 2016, I started a challenge to run 40 parkruns in my 40th year, what this means to non runners, is a commitment to run 5km (the same as Mo Farah in the Olympics but a touch more slowly). I would run this 5k every Saturday morning at 9am come rain or shine (even after overnight Samaritans shifts which has already happened a few times)

After 2 months of illness my challenge did look at risk but I have decided to now also include Wolverhampton 10k which is an additional timed run on Sunday 4th September to make up my 40 runs.

I would love it if you could spare a pound or two for this wonderful charity which makes such a huge difference in Wolverhampton and now across the UK since the introduction of the freecall number.

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