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Im supporting this Fundraising Event to help the homeless people during the tough Winter months.

Winter night shelter does so much for these individuals. We all often wonder what it would be like to be homeless during the bitter cold winter months, in which we refect how lucky we are to have roofs over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in. Anyone of us can become homeless at anytime, its not something you choose, its a result of bad circumstances.

Just a small donation towards this cause can go so far. As a group we are aiming to raise £5000. My personal aim is to raise over £100 for this cause. So please donate to me today.

On the 27th March I will be joining a group who will experience what it would be like to be homeless. This will take place at The bottom of the City near the Jaipur restaurant. The weather doesnt look like it will be warm, but this will only enlighten what it may be like to sleep rogh on the streets everyday with no where to go. 

Please feel free to get in touch for more information :)

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Total money raised so far: £105.00


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