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Hi, I'm Sally

I'm interested in volunteering, especially for children, animal and health related charities, to a) lend my skills in any useful ways, b) see how charities operate with a view to spending more time in the charity sector, c) broadening my experiences. I feel somewhat trapped by the corporate sector and would like to build up my extensive admin and events skills, but also spend time with individuals I wouldn't meet in my current activities.

I am passionate about childrens' welfare, particularly young adults with accommodation, alcohol and substance abuse problems, and re-homing animals. I've completed some seasonal volunteering activities with Kids Company and would like to do more of this. I also spent some time as a school governor at primary level.

I am in my penultimate year of completing Open University course BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies and would like to gain some practical experience that may assist with my studies.

I've passed several child protection courses designed for school governors and hope to bring this knowledge to practical use.

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