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Being a teacher of foreign languages I have always tried to help my students start speaking the language within the shortest possible time. I have developed my own method of teaching based on very short “one-minute” fluency practice drills which have proved to be very efficient in language learning. The main idea of the method is that concentrating on smaller parts of an organized whole you reach much better results and, at the same time, save loads of time and energy.

The method of “one-minute” fluency practice drills is ideal for the quickening pace of modern life.

Our new applications Russian ’KOMETA’ and Russian Countdown are very important to us because they will stimulate learning of Russian and promote our method of teaching. Launched as free educational games to teach the students how to read and count in Russian, the programs are planned to become conductors for numerous fluency practice drills, exciting tests and logical games not only in Russian but also in some other popular languages.

Your support will help us create and promote the two applications as well as develop new one-minute fluency practice drills, tests and games for them.

Contributing to the project  you will become involved in the application development process. You will be the first to test the applications and their content. You will be able to try our one-minute-fluency-practice-drills Russian or English course.

We have some experience in developing interactive applications for learning Russian (Блэк Джек Вернулся) and English (Black Jack Comes Back) for iOS, Android and PC.

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