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Rosa Stourac McCreery

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Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

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I'm a little bundle of energy, I love dancing, (so the Neon Run is perfect for me) and doing fun things like Aerial Circus and Extreme Trampoline, travelling and trying new foods.

My background is in theatre, physical and community-based theatre, and I have used theatre to work young people from all kinds of places, from street children in Senegal and Ghana to school children in Wallsend.  I also work as a Clown Doctor in hospitals.

I am a company director of Dynamix Extreme Ltd, a not for profit social enterprise based in Gateshead.  We run the largest Indoor Skatepark in the North East, alongside a circus, movement and performance space.  We have created this project with no funding, but through recycling and reclaiming wasted materials, and generating our own income from our activities.  We work with young people from all kinds of backgrounds, from all over the North East and beyond.  We provide many volunteer opportunities, work experience and work placements for young people and older people, and have worked with all kinds of organisations, schools and clubs.

We work closely with a charity, The Dynamix Foundation, whose purpose is to make sure that anyone who wants to take part in the types of activities we provide, can do so.  They do this by helping to remove some of the barriers to participation, be they financial, disabilities, gender, other types of inequalities and social issues.  

A team of us from Dynamix are doing the Neon Run to raise money for the Dynamix Foundation, so that they can provide better access and facilities for young people with disabilities, and subsidise participation for young people from deprived backgrounds. 

We're really looking forward to it, and it should be loads of fun.  Please support us however you can!



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