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It is a strong passion of mine to grow and develop my own company which i have called Rodwellbeing. is an educational hub which centralises all of the wonderful and inspiring content from across the web which i ahve used to motivate and educate myself for the last 10 years. My passion is to inspire others to make the very best of themselves and to live the life that they truly dream of. 

This led to me setting up a group at the end of 2014 called 'Escape The Rat Race...within 12 months' and we held the first meetup event in January 2015 which had 40 attendees all wishing to share knowledge and learn about new opportunities. 

It is my hope we can build this community over time and create some life-changing effects for those people who are part of the community. 

However, i would like to also ensure that the good work of that community is also partly focused on delivering help and support to those less fortunate than us, and therefore i would like to raise funds and also to devote 10% of all profits from Rodwellbeing Ltd to children with learning disabilities. 

I would like to support several UK charities, really getting to know the people involved who run the charities and offering my time as well as financial contribution. If you would like to contact me with a suitable charity in mind i would love to hear from you. 

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