Robyn Kerins

Robyn Kerins

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Glasgow , Not applicable

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  • I am a very motivated 17 year old who has always been know to have a kind hearted soul 

  • i have a strong passion to help those who need it from all age and size 

  • i would love to volunteer helping youth groups so i could mentor them and so they could reach their full potentional 

  • i also have a passion for animals as i own a dog myself and grown up with dogs my whole life. i think anaimals are a gift as they bring put the hapiness in aperson and can change their life for the better they are just remarkable creatures 

  • i have experince at volunteering at a food bank (Airdrie) 

  • i have many reasons why i like and want to volunteer such as helping myself as i know im doing good in the world by helping those who are in need. another is just seeing a smile on someones face, being able to brighten up their day or the fact im able to help and give my all into something i enjoy doing and in return i get a smile and a thank you which means more to me than anything in the world 

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