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As a young(ish) adult who was generally fit and healthy- I had been told for several weeks that the pain and swelling in my stomach was unlikely to be anything serious. When the final diagnosis came it was the kind of shock which is difficult to express in words to those who haven't experienced it. In some regards I was pretty lucky in that the treatment available to me (although quite unpleasant) was pretty extensive and generally reliable. 12 months on, I'm pretty close to normality and just under monitoring. The statistics and nature of the group of illnesses we call 'cancer' mean that most patients are over 60 which was evident during my treatment. I was by far the youngest person on the ward. For obvious reasons, children have a wide range of support networks but it seems that people of a similar age group to me tend to get lost in the cracks. My mission now is to help support people in a similar position to me so that perhaps some of my experiences can help others to get through what can be an emotional rollercoaster.

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