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Hello, my name is Rob, which is short for Robert, which is not short for Roberto nor Robertito. I am experiencing a decent life here, in London. As a man in his thirties I do not consider myself very successful nor do I consider myself a failure(don't ask my parents though). I work as an online marketer for a local gutter cleaning company and I am actually quite good at it. That being said I am not very good at cleaning gutters myself for once I fell off a ladder and have a post traumatic stress of ladders ever since(not of heighs, but of ladders). Anyhow for what I do - online marketing  -you need to know and understand how things on the Internet work. I am happy to declare I have a decent knowledge of that(so far) and that my content promotion goes well for now. It's safe to say that the people have rather clean gutters in the area I work in, so this is this.

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