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I am currently looking for some volunteer work in the mental health sector.

I will be starting an Access course in Health Professions in September of this year and then will be going on to do a Degree in Mental Health nursing. I am looking for any work that is relevant to that.          

My general interest span over a wide range of things i enjoy; reading, listening to music, walking my dog, socialising with my friends and family.

Ever since I was young i have always enjoyed being around other people and as i got older and understood ilness i wanted to look after people. My Reasons for wanting to be a mental health nurse is that i have a passion for helping people and i am extremely interested on how the mind works and what makes people tick. 

I grew up in a house where mental ilness was more or less the norm my dad was a schizophrenic and at times it was hard to be around but we managed and so did he until he passed away unfortunately.

I think i would be an ideal person to help people who suffer with mental health problems and the family's of those who suffer.

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