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I am currently a university student at Coventry, when home I live near Maidstone, Kent. I am currently looking for volunteering opportunities in Coventry whilst I finish my degree and then for some volunteering when I am home at the end of university. 

I am highly motivated to help charities and volunteer as I have previously volunteered at Grapevine helping young people with a range of dissabilities at a range of ages. As a volunteer I became a buddy to a couple of girls in particular, whom I went bowling with, had drinks in a coffee shop with and helped them with anything they wanted at the Grapevine meetings. 

The project I was involved in has now ended so I am looking for further volunteering. In particular with animals as I have always wanted to become a veterinary nurse but have struggled to find a veterinary placement and so have been unable to apply to college. Therefore any experience with handling animals or fundraising for animal charities can only aid my search for a veterinary placement. 

I have always been extremely interested in helping animlas and the welfare of them as I have always been around animals of different sizes having had dogs, cats and horses myself which I regularly independently look after. 

I enjoy volunteering as I want to continue to help others feel as lucky as I am, and so I am happy to also volunteer with other charities that are also not animal related. 

Thank you in advance to anyone that can consider me for positions. 

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