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Hey there, 

So my name is Raylee and i work at a Skate park in Gateshead called

Dynamix Skatepark

Its amazing! ive been working along side them for almost 6 years and LOVE IT

We are doing some fund raising as we are a None-Profit organisation

So we will be doing ... (Wait for it)


(Dun Dun Dun)

I know what your thinking "what is a neon run"

That is the exact question i had, 

Ok so as far as i undersand we will be running 5kilomiters...

.... while having a disco...

...and having UV paint threw at us...

So its kinda a fun run with paint...

Now this is going to be a chalange for me as i am not fit by any means, 

but i am passionate about the organisation i am involved in and want to help in anyway i can.

Im hoping this gives a little bit of insight to why we need sponsors.

And i hope you all do sponsor

:)  :)

would be much apreciated !!

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