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Hi everyone!

If you are reading this chances are you are a friend, colleague or family member and therefore already know lots about me!

As you all know I love to run and what better way could there be to raise money for charities that i believe in than indulging in a sport I love.

Some of you will know about my personal experiences with domestic abuse and violence and its this that motivates me to try to raise money for charities that help victims of abuse and violence in their own homes. I was lucky .... i had fab friends and family and financial independence and so my escape did not rely on the help of charities. However, for many who have become socially isolated and financially dependent, charities such as Womens aid and Refuge are the only source of support and help.

so.... please help me to help victims of abuse and violence by supporting me in my bid to run the London Marathon in April 2016. I may love running but .........this will be a challenge!!

thank you all so much for your kind help and support


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