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Rachel Hartley

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Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire

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I'm Rachel, and in the summer of 2014 when I will be 17 years old, I hope to embark on a one month trip to Vietnam with World Challenge, a worldwide organisation taking young people all around thw world. For this I need to raise a total of £4000 to cover the cost of travelling, equiptment, insurance, vaccines, and money to survive while I'm out there! 

While in counrty I will be trekking through the Vietnam jungle, camping in the rain and living from nothing. We will also visit the larger cities of Vietnam and take part in charity work, helping out in orphanges and building new schools; I believe I will find this extremely rewarding.

I have done as much fundraising as I can so far, bag packing, doing sponsored events and sponsorships from indepandant companies. I am also saving my wages in the hope of paying off a large sum of the final amount.

But I still need the extra little push and I would be extremely grateful for any sponsorship from yourself no matter how big or small! 

Thank you for your time and donation, please don't hesitiate to ask me any questions you may have about myself or my expedition!

Thank you again,

Rachel x

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