Rachel Finn

Rachel Finn

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Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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I am 44 years of age and currently unemployed and looking for work, although I do have casual employment as a Labourer, just as and when needed. But I am interested in helping out through volunteering in my free time. There are several charities I would be interested in working for - especially any to do with animals, mental health charities, hospice work and helping out with people who have found themselves in difficult situations and/or suffering hardship - although I would consider helping out in other areas.

I have over fifteen year's experience in delivering a high level of Customer Service and have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, face-to-face and over the telephone. I have a warm, friendly, understanding, honest and polite demeanour and am able to build up a good rapport with people. I am also a good listener. I am computer literate and hold a variety of I.T. qualifications and also have Foundation and Level 2 Certificates in Food Hygiene.

My main motivations for wanting to help out through volunteering are that I have previously found myself in difficult situations in the past including homelessness, being involved in drugs and prostitution, suffered domestic violence, and had previous poor health conditions. But I have overcome all of these problems, and am now in a stable relationship and home and have moved areas so now live permanently in Wakefield, I am clean from drugs and therefore do not have to find ways to fund a drug habit, and I am in good health. Now I have turned my life around, I feel as though I would like to give something back to the community, in the form of volunteering, and/or helping with fundraising activities.

My hobbies / interests include looking after three cats (two of which have recently had kittens) - the three older cats I found abandoned and took them in as strays when they themselves were kittens and living wild on the streets. I also like reading, learning new things and online study - I am currently taking an online home-study course in Business & Administration. I like to go out with my partner / friends for meals and a few drinks occasionally, or to the cinema, theatre or just to visit general areas of interest. I enjoy cooking, listening to music and watching films / documentaries and going to car-boot sales

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