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Nick Botha

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East Grinstead, West Sussex

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We are just ordinary dads from St Marys CE School in East Grinstead.

I have joined the St Marys CE School Association (Registered Charity Number: 1128047) to help raise much needed funds for PROJECT PLAYGROUND.  The School Association needs to raise in EXCESS of £30 000 to bring some much needed life back into the old and dated playground. 

In order to do this I have decided to team up with other the other dads,(Bruno Junqueros, Peter Ariyibi,David Tindale), in the school to raise as much money as we can for this very worthy project. As todays children is tomorrows future and we need to instill good imaginative play and exercise in the children.

I am now also going on to do The Big Road Ride on the 13th of July. All in aid of the school.  

Please give as generous as you can. 

Many thanks 

Nick, Bruno,David and Peter

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Total money raised so far: £395.00