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I am a freelance writer and media worker. My productions are focusing on the social issues mainly among the children and the Youth. Last 15years I was with a publishing firm heading all its activities. Presently I am the Founder / Chairman of Pearl Group of Media which is located in Cochin, South India. 

We are looking forward contributers for our new shortfilm project which will be commencing on the 25th of April 2014. 

All the films are addressing the pressing issues like addictions among the Youth and the Children in internet, video games, prongraphy, drugs, wealth and fame etc. This is a combination of personal counselling and film presentions. The name of the program is "OPTIMISM" 

Taking the Ownership of the afflicted person and with Persistence work for their real change and helping them to Trusting fully in us and GOD and Illuminating them for a better tomorrow through Mentoring, Involving, and Sending with constant Monitoring

This is new program. This program will have a long reach in the days to come. 

Be with us for a BETTER tomorrow

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