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I am Yathirajam Gideon, President of 

People In Need Ministries (formerly Gideon Gospel Ministries) Registered, non-governmental, non-profit, genuine and trustworthy organization, based in Machilipatnam, India. It was established in 2005. We are dedicated to serve the poor, outcast, illiterates, oppressed and downtrodden people, regardless of caste, religion, sex, or creed.

The People in Need Ministry, focus on the villages and finds out about the needs of the people. We have heard many stories of how they are trying to survive through lack of financial support and work. They are stopping their children’s education because they are unable to pay fees and buy their children educational needs. On some days the family goes hungry through lack of food.

We organize meetings with around 15 to 100 with women from each village and discuss how they can develop and start their own business and what their financial needs will be. After all conditions are met one woman is chosen to represent the group and on behalf of them signs an agreement agreeing to our terms and conditions on accepting a micro loan from our organization. A micro loan is then made available with the condition that it is repaid within 12 monthly payments, account books are provided so that financial records are maintained.

Through our micro loan program we watch the women start their business by growing vegetables, flowers, and rice crops with some women producing craft products. Everything can be sold to provide a better quality of life and invest in their children’s education and give them a brighter future.

This is program is ongoing in the following villages: 1) Enda Kuduru, 2) Jeelagala Gandi, 3) Current Colony, 4) SN Golla Palem, 5) Golivani Palem, 6) Idu Gulla palli, 7) Polavaram, 8) Posinavari palem, 9) Pindi vari palem, 10) Pedana, 11) Ganjala vaari palem, 12) Nanda muru, 13) Goka varam, 14) Arthamuru, Temple Colony, 15) Mallavolu, 16) Kummari Palem, 17) Anantai Peta, 18) Balaram Peta, 19) Papavinashanam, 20) Rudravaram, 21) Jana Shakthi Nagar, 22) Kappaladhoddi, 23) Rayavaram, 24) Guduru and also we are extending this program to more villages giving them brighter future

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