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Our work in the Amazon in the summer was the most ambitious to date.  We managed to screen 800 people this year and completed 120 sight saving operations over the 4 weeks and 12 villages we worked within. Our surgery was much smoother as we brought a superb team of theatre nurses with us which really made a difference to our efficiency and patient safety. We made about 100 pairs of glasses for the first time and worked closely with Jesus Duran a Bolivian Ophthalmologist.

We operated on our first blind baby (Anna Rosa) giving her a real chance in life. She would never have had this if it wasn’t for the mission as she was born blind with bilateral congenital cataracts. The skill of the team and the amazing donations we receive from our supporters made it possible for her to see for the first time. Thank you so much.

Our Spanish optometrists and ophthalmologist were a great addition to the mission and probably the reason we got through so many patients in the second half of the trip this year as compared to previous years. We will look to repeat this in 2015.

We also took part in a study of pterygium a blinding disease that affects up to 38% of Amazonians. It was great to be part of this and to work with the vision science department of Ulster University and the University of San Simon in Bolivia. We hope that we will understand this disease better and how to treat pterygia more effectively or prevent it as a result of what we learn.

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