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I have helped people at work for over 20 years and private clients free of charge around career, business development and personal values and beliefs for personal and professional development. I’m female engineer surviving 2 redundancies as sole provider, I would love to help people through challenging time just like Job Centre and Next Step helped me getting through mine. I’m passionate about growing people and optimize business performance through good allocation (people won't get bored or overloaded). I find coaching extremely rewarding, not only it motivates me but also I can help others to motivate themselves. Please find my CV attached.


Referral from one of my previous reports Mike Lombardi “Phuong has helped me at many points of my career. During periods of uncertainty and change, Phuong was able review my needs and set me on a path that would fully utilise my skills. Without the help and support that was given to me, I don't think I would have been able to progress my career as confidently and as quickly as I did. Phuong's passion as a coach continues to inspire me today. For anyone that is looking to further their career and become an expert in their field, I would highly recommend using Phuong's wealth of experience as a coach/mentor.”


My peer Mark Hewis “You are a great facilitator and carer of people - a very important skill in this environment”


I’d like

  • to help young people to start a career, find out what they like to do in order to apply.
  • to help adults to find job after redundancy or change career
  • to help people to start a business

My service will be free, however I would appreciate support in small cost related to logistics. I will provide the service in the evenings after 8pm on phone/Skype and in the weekends, as I work full-time.


I hope that you can help me to help others. I look forward to hearing from you.

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