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Sirs, ma'ams, et al, 

As it is the month for armistice and remembrance, I have decided to enter a White Collar Boxing show and collect generous donations in memory of Maj Matt Bacon. The show is in Stevenage at the Holiday Inn on the 29th November 2015. Please show your support by either donating or by purchasing a ticket for what will be a fun night of boxing throughout. It is a "dress to impress" (black tie) event where table seats and standing tickets are £30 and £20 respectively. Please contact me via email or phone if you would be interested in the show.

Tel: 01462 752404 / 94649 2404


Tickets are selling fast and therefore I can only operate on first come, first served basis.

Again, this is for the Maj Matt Bacon Outward Bound Bursary so please support this worthy cause.

Thanks in advance,

Phil Watkins

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