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Recently I have joined a company where I am free to go for my business ambitions,
and in the same time helping charities in their fundraising efforts, meaning helping people in need. I live Budapest, Hungary with my wife and three kids.

FundRaising with Co-Branded Partner Program for Non-Profit Organizations - It is FREE!
Our Partner Program Believes in Non-Profit Organizations…

We understand that Non-Profit Organizations are constantly challenged – looking for new but
professional methods to fund their respective causes that are consistent with their brand and
image. The Partner Program’s turn-key solution is designed to complement the organization’s
current fundraising efforts.  

The Partner Program assists in improving retention rates among investors, corporate donors,
individual donors and other constituents. Non-profits receive the same benefits as a for-profit
Partner, without the associated costs; no set-up costs, no monthly maintenance fees ~
and we provide the marketing support.

The Partner Program delivers the highest possible return on investment (ROI) since there is no
investment on the organization’s part.

For detailed information contact:
Peter Gabor Gilanyi

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