Paul Collins

Paul Collins

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Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

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Hello , my name is Paul Collins.

Not everyone in this life is as fortunate as everyone else and with that in mind I decided to do what I can to help raise funds for  Charities , Schools , Clubs & Associations . 

All these institutions have members / supporters who choose to raise funds for their own particular cause. 

I work in conjuction with a Directory that raises funds for all types of Institutions whilst at  the same time providing a platform that raises awareness.

For Charities:                                                CLICK HERE

For Schools:                                                 CLICK HERE

For Clubs & Associations                              CLICK HERE

Any Institution can open their "Dashboard" completely free of charge.

There are letters, leaflets, posters, banners and lots of resources available completely free just print them off and send them to your supporters. 

The directory will raise money automatically.

Please contact me if I can help in anyway.


Mobile: 07957 804934

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