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I am running the Brighton marathon in April to raise money for two refugee charities, the Refugee Council and the International Rescue Committee. We are in the middle of a refugee crisis, in which unprecedented numbers of people have been forced to flee not only from the war in Syria, but from violence, war and oppression in other places too. Many lived lives which, before they were interrupted by fear, looked very similar to the one you might be living now. All are seeking the same thing that we all work and strive for - a life that they can value, and one that is worth living. 

I think the refugee crisis is a test- of many things- but ultimately of what it means to be human, and to share a common humanity, even if you might not share a passport, language or religion. None of us chose where we were born or the circumstances of our home country. But we can choose how we relate to each other in the funny old world we all find ourselves in-and  in this case, how we talk about refugees, and how we seek to help.

Ramblings over, please please put your money where your mouth is, stop putting it off or making excuses and donate.

I chose Charity Choice because it gives the most % of your donation directly to the charity- and it offers you the choice of covering their costs so that there is no cost to the charity to receive your donation ( so please do select this option :) )

Every penny helps and will help me through the horrific early dark and cold mornings pounding along the seafront and getting soaked by sideways rain. 

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