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Hello, Iím from NPF Bassetts Pole, we are a paintball company and venue based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.


I can help local charities & would like to donate unlimited FREE paintball tickets- to any reputable charity or fund raiser type person... the tickets sheet are for groups of 10 @ £10 value per ticket Ė each sheet is valued at £100.


Iím looking to find the most cost effective way to distribute the tickets to any charity that would like them for free...i will post them out to any fund raisers who like to sell them on for a profit.


Absolutely any fundraising people looking for paintball event tickets to auction or sell on at a good profit, get intouch with me and i will send you high quality paintball ticket sheets to auction or sell on- you keep 100% of the revenue. No catches.


Contacts from charities in Birmingham/West Midlands  area are the ones that are best getting in touch with me.

0121 323 1000

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