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Instructor Zumbi started training capoeira at a young age in Hamburg, attending informal classes with Mosqueteiro and Xaruto while they visited the area. Capoeira soon became a big part of the lives of the young people in Hamburg, and so the group was born. After a number of visits from Mestre Negão and students from England, students of Hamburg received gradings at Batizado events, and Instructors emerged. Instructor Zumbi moved to study at CPUT and having no access to a capoeira club locally, decided to establish one of his own, The CPUT Capoeira Society Club in 2012.  After a slow start, the group is growing in interest, and members. He offers great classes, tailored to your ability, which will help with fitness, flexibility, confidence, and will leave you feeling happy and energized.


Instructor Zumbi trained capoeira under Formado Mosqueteiro, Formado Xaruto, and Mestre Negão. Mestre Negão's capoeira line leads back to the origins of the style of Capoeria Regional, having trained under Mestre Orelha, whose master is Mestre Bamba, whose master was Mestre Vermelho 27, whose master was Mestre Bimba; the creator of Capoeira Regional. Instructor Zumbi has been involved in exchanges to Brazil and England in previous years, and has had the opportunity to train with, and learn a lot from, world renowned masters of Capoeira. With this in mind, you can be sure there is a lot to learn from him too.

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