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Hi, Im Nikita i am currently 19 years of age and i am very eager to begin volunteering, I am currently not in employment but i am looking in to going back to college September 2014 to do an access course on to nursing as that is what i want to do, i want to be a nurse! I have a passion to help people, i lost my step father in 2011 and my biological father in 2012 this is not the reason i want to be a nurse but this has made me realise that i want to be able to help others and make people as happy as possible.

 To be able to gain a place on the access course it is essential that i have some experience within the care sector, even if this wasnt essential i would want to do so anyway to gain experience for myself.

 I put 100% in to everything i do, as i have a lot of passion for this i learn quickly and enjoy learning new skills.   

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