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Nikita Khasriya

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My name is Nikita Khasriya, I am a Punjabi and was born in London and am 21 yrs old. 

I would like to volunteer my time, skills and knowledge to help women who suffer/ have suffered from domestic violence. This is of particular interest to me as I strongly believe that this isssue is very common in the Asian community and needs to be stopped. It shocks me that in the 21st Century gender based violence still exists. This is compleety unacceptable and I would like to get involved and do whatever I can to stop it and support those who have suffered. 

Being a 3rd yr Criminology student, I am open to any forms of volunteering within this category of violence and offending this includes work with offenders, ex offenders and youth. 

My main reason for volunteering is that I believe in equality and everybody has that right. I have volunteered before and done 2 charity walks for the Alzheimer's Society memory walk last year and this year. 

Ultimately,  would like to see change and rebuild lives so that there is a better future. 

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