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I'm not entirely sure how to explain my motivation for working within the third sector, so instead I thought I'd explain how I got to where I am now and where I want to be in the future.

In 2007 I started my BA in Film and Television and in 2010 I chose to do a Masters degree in Documentary Filmmaking; this decision was based on my strong desire to work within the third sector and compliments my personal experience of the power of film. I feel strongly that visual media has the ability to reach the masses in a way that no other medium can, whether this be by creating a greater understanding of economical, georgraphical or historical events, or simply by opening avenues of interest on subjects that are not readily available to most people within their every day lives. Film in itself is an easily digestible medium; complex issues can be filtered through storytelling, visual devices and characters that would otherwise be difficult to fully comprehend via a pamplet.

I graduated with Merit from my Masters degree and have since been working freelance in the media industry as well as working at Brunel University and the Royal College of Art; as my overall goal, however, is to move into the third sector I have also been volunteering my services to introduce myself to the industry.

My biggest passion is animal welfare; I am an avid animal lover owning two ferrets and two horses, as well having previously owned cats, gerbils, rabbits and lizards. I enjoy being hands on with animals and am keen to combine my love for visual media with my love for animals.

This passion for animals, however, does not limit my willingness to volunteer for charities outside of this area; for example, I have been working recently with a charity for a specific medical condition.

With regards to my general interests I have a love for the arts (probably evident by the fact that I work at the Royal College of Art) and can be often be found reading, painting, knitting, making etc. I play the alto and tenor saxophone, and the flute, and enjoy watching films and television shows from around the world.

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