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I specialise in working with the global NGO sector and its affiliated bodies to provide an end to end foreign exchange solutions for our partners. With an unrivalled global footprint and our ability to offer our services to 190 countries in 130 currencies, Western Union Business Solutions expertise is in getting local currency into some of the hardest to reach areas of the globe at a time when it is needed most.

I work with our NGO partners to achieve a wide variety of objectives including:

Sending cash quickly during an humanitarian crisis to the most remote parts of the world, often in just minutes

Making wire payments directly to the foreign bank accounts of vendors, partners and employees

Mitigating partners risk of currency fluctuations by securing a foreign exchange rate on a foreign currency

Holding money on your behalf in 39 currencies to enable you to react quickly on a global scale

Providing accurate and transparent reporting on your transaction history in real time

Work with partners to complete all compliance requirements to address accounting regulations and the transparency needs of your board and donors

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