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Hi I'm a founding member of Network Glasgow Arts Initiative.  We aim to help anyone who asks, no matter who, what age, everyone is welcome.  We set up with the hope of helping anyone who fell under the auspices of the social inclusion policy, either directly or indirectly.  We offer educational and employment training, workshops and therapies, counselling and just a place to go and be yourself with like minded people and people willing to give you their time and experience when you need it.  We are a brand new non-profit community enterprise initiative, only months old.  Currently we are building our website (we still need funding to complete it!) and trying to raise funds to move into an office and studio space where we can cater to the needs of our clients.  Any help anyone can give would be most gratefully accepted.

We want to do great things and eventually have Network Initiatives all over Scotland.  We really need funding to make Network Glasgow a success - we just need you to believe in us as much as we believe in the future of Network Glasgow.

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Steven Ryan

founder Network Glasgow Arts Initiative

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