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In 2010 my partner and I went travelling throughout Borneo, Malaysia.  We climbed 2 mountains: both were a lot tougher than being the highest mountain in South-East Asia - Mount Kinabalu - and the other was The Pinnacles, named the 'Stone Forest of Borneo'!!  This was a 5-7 hour verticle trek up and over slate rocks jutting 45m out...with no safety equipment!

Over the past year or so I have developed a keen interest in strength training and fittness.  I'm taking part in Tough Mudder 2013 in Leeds, with my partner and some friends, and have decided to make it even more hard on myself by doing it sponsored for charity!

I have always been someone who supports animal charities; taking part in various demonstrations over the years.  However, this will be my first sponsored event and I'm hoping to complete it with a large(ish) sponsorship behind me!

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