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My name is Tom and I am planning a big charity event. My plan is to walk through "Slovensky Raj" that is in Slovakia. It will be a big challenge for me and i am determined to fundraise lot of money for charities.

The event is to take place in 3rd of August 2013. I will fly from Bristol Airport to Slovakia on the 1st of august and will get ready. On the 3rd I will be outside the national park "Slovensky Raj" ready to take the tour. I will be challenging as I will have to climb and walk for ages and it will be hard. Throughout the tour I will have a camera on which I will record the tour and some parts of it. The video will be posted on YouTube as well as on the website that will be created for the fundraise. 


I am putting lot of money towards it as Iím paying for the travel costs. All I need is the sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor and you own the company please contact me on 0044 7718 069500. If you become a sponsor your Company logo will be printed onto my sports uniform, and the sponsor money will go to the charity. If you would like just to give some money that will go to charity please email me on and I will give you a link of the website where you can donate money. 100% of the money donated will be given to a chosen charity. 


Every week we will sum up the amount that was given and that will them be put away into the safe and at the end of the event we will donate the 100% money that was donated to us to a charity. This Charity event is my idea and of course if you would like to join me to walk through the Slovakiaís biggest national park please call me on 0044 7718 069500 and I can arrange a interview and tell you more details about the tour. 


If you have any questions please fill free to email me on or to call me on 0044 7718 069500 and i will be more than happy to answer your questions. Updates will be posted here on this site as well as on our created site where you can donate. 


Thank You 

Tomas Nagy


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