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I've always been active in my community. As a child I would help local mothers bring their shopping home, as a teen I volunteered with my local geriatric psychiatric hospital. In recent years I've been an advocate for disabled adults, helped my local MIND's clients complete welfare benefit forms and currently I help my local community IAG service provide a letter-writing and form-filling service in the East End of London. I volunteer between 2-6 hours per week.

The majority of my time is client facing but I can also be found filing, typing or photocopying. As a disabled adult I prefer the warm, face-to-face relationships we experience in the third sector. I find that I can bring the professional tricks and tips I learned in the commercial sector to make me more efficient.

I will on occassion write grant bids for organisations that require that service. I was briefly a Trustee for a small charity based in Homerton, East London

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