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I am an African-Caribbean female who is a qualified counsellor.  The motivation behind what I do is that African-Caribbean co-victims do not have an indigenous counselling service they can go to in Luton, so I felt the need to set up a social enterprise to support them.

Through indigenous counselling, DI feel I can re-create a sense of wellbeing in African-Caribbean families who have been impacted by violent crime (there have been 3 murders and 2 attempted murders in 5 months) and signpost clients to appropriate charities if I am unable to assist for any reason.  For example, if a perpetrator who is also a victim (by virtue of being a vulnerable adult) attends one of my clinics, I need to know which charity I can  refer her/him to.

While DMK adopts western counselling practices and follows BACP principles and core values, it is important that African-Caribbeans receive indigenous counselling in order to feel acknowledged, accepted and validated.

So I would assist charities by referring individuals to them who I cannot support.

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