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Dear  friends  and partners.

                                 praise  the  lord.

Am  by name  of MUSISI MIKE, An Evangelist, Motivational speaker and Junior Author.

Am  student  of  public adminstration  and  i have  certificate in  social mobilisation and  development  and child protection.

i  mainly  spend my time in doing  my missionary work  in different areas  of  africa.

i am  a founder  of  faith questions youth motivational messenger site international, which  bringing youth and  children  together in jesus  christ and  empowering  child  dignity  under  the  project  called Glorious  Children  Empowerment  Mission(children ministries)  and  i work  with  zion city  temple of delievance  uganda. my  organisation  is  a christian  based  community  organisation.

is  located  in  mubende  to   mityana   districts  of uganda.  we  have  many  projects  we carry with in faith questions youth  motivational  messenger site international   like  children project, mission project, conserving evinroment project,training and adult education project and so many.

this  organisation is not  to  big  at such  but  i have hope  in  10  years  will  among  the  profitable  organisation.

also  Mike  i  mentor  youth  to  develop and  use  available  resouces  to  earn  a living.

am   composing  a  magazine  on  success  called  Thorns  of Success.


Here  my  brothers  and  sisters i  liked  to  be  supported  in  my  projects  am  carrying  out  mainly  in  children  ministries.

Gloriouse  Children  Empowerment  Mission   calls  you  upon  to support  it  in  its  programme  of  digging  wells  in the  communities  so  that  as  children  they  get  fresh  clean  water   for  the  good health.this  programme named.GLORIOUSE  CHILDREN  SELF  HELP WATER PROGRAMME.

We   like  to  motivate  the  community  with  clean  water  in  keeping  health  actions  high. in  Uganda   90% children  dies  of  diseases  like  biliherz,cholera  so  many  due  to drink  dirty  water.  they   use  water  with  animals  which  is more harmful  to  there lives.

we  need  funds  or  materials  any  anything  to  make  our  project  successful.


EMPOWERING  CHILD DIGNITY  IN UGANDA.  so    we  call  upon  your  support.



Evangelist, MUSISI MIKE.

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