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Hello, CharityChoice, I'm so glad to be a part of your community! My name is Abbie and I live and work in London, UK. It's a beautiful city but a bit loud in my opinion. Anyways, let's talk more about me :)

I am a freelance writer and currently work for a company called "Pleased To Clean You". They offer various moving out services to all residents. These services include all types of cleaning - end of tenancy cleaning, garden clearance, removal services, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window and oven cleaning, and other services, such as packing and moving. The goal is to help Londoners on a daily basis and especially during the moving out period. According to most tenancy agreements, renters are the ones responsible for cleaning the property when they are vacating it. And it can get quite chaotic with everything else at hand - finding a new place to stay, for example, takes even more time and energy that moving out of one. 

Their nieche, of course, defines the topics I write about - mainly cleaning related. But I also enjoy giving tips to tenants and landlords. I think I have the important task of helping the firm connect with their clients and establish trust and authority in the brand. One of my recent articles is a guide about natural cleaning products. I decided to write on this topic to help raise awarenes regarding the chemicals which we all use on a daily basis in our homes and the easy way to avoid that with homemade products. 

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