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Hi my name is Kashia but i am becoming better known as Mis Paul. I was born in St. Lucia but raised in Barbados. I am an artist who is continously inspiried by spirituality. I believe my journey in this life is to help grow and nurture. I am a truth teller and can be very bold with it ('mis goody two shoes' they call me). I am married to this amazing dude. His name is Rhaj Paul and he is a fashion designer aka Love Budah (if you met him, you would agree immediately)..give thanks.

I am one of these people who need to be used well. I have found that voluteering with charity groups always give me that satisfaction. I am a leader and forever seeking ways in which i can become better at it. I find myself constantly focusing on humanity and how best we can live together harmoniously. It makes me feel bad when we become greedy, selfish and unkind to each other. There is no need for such behaviour especially when the good universe has so much to offer...more than enough to share.

So I am contributing to the change that I love to see happening. I am voluteering my full services to a charity. Women and children are my speciality.

Blessed Love

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