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I wanted to do something for a good cause - and something that would be a real challenge. The Chiltern 100 is a 110 mile cycling event described as "relentless in its persuit of hills" and in terms of difficulty is "97 out of 100". I only started road cycling at the end of last year, so if I can do this, and in less than eight hours, then I will be delighted!

I am doing this for the very special people, that I have known, who, in recent years, have lost their lives to cancer.

The money raised will then go to the incredible people at Rennie Grove Hospice Care (formerly Iain Rennie). A charity which provides palliative care  in West Herts and mid and south Bucks, to people diagnosed with advanced, progressive life limiting illness and which ensures they receive the care they need to live as fully as possible at home - or wherever they chose to be - to the very end of their life.


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