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I have always rooted for the "underdog." No one choses to be the "underdog" - circumstances dictate this for them. We live in a world of haves and have-nots. African children are not "naturally" poor; nor are all of them dying of malnutrition and disease despite those images on TV that always show them in this desperate setting. But in many African countries poverty and wealth live side by side in startling extremes. I am interested in bridging this gap. I am optimistically enchanted by the possibility of bettering the lives of young people in destitute communities. For example, communities where there are no schools or medical centres, meaning that children do not learn how to transform their lives and imaginations and women may die from travelling miles to give birth. Africa can easily be said to feed the world - its resources are vast. So it is illogical that the majority of its people are poor.

Poverty elimination is my ultimate motivation. I do not see poverty in monetary terms only - poverty also restricts the imagination from thinking beyond the status of lack. Children must be guided to believe in themselves, no matter how desperate their circumstances.

As an educator, it is natural for me to see education as key to aleviating poverty. Where there are makeshift schools I would like these to be properly constructed, and that takes money, time and love. I do not have money; I am prepared to give time and love to projects that will uplift poor communities. I need your help to do this, because one plus one plus one adds up and together we can make a real difference. I wont always expect "money" but sometimes your time (a visit to the school or community I'm working on, to transfer your skills there for a short time; to help in constructing the building). 

I am a writer as well as teacher. I love watching the transition of young people from tentative learners to confident interpreters of their world and identity. They inspire me. I hope always to inspire them to aim for the best no matter how below the horizon they find themselves. 

Fundraising will be the newest of many journeys. I ask only for your support so the steps will always be a positive contribution to what this world must be; that is the right way up at which time I'll rotate my profile picture, or perhaps - change it. 

Thank you 

Michelle Yaa Asantewa

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