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Metier Education & Immigration Consultancy (MEIC) is a reputed organisation with a very customer friendly and dynamic attitude combined with expertise in providing Educational and Migration-related advice. This company will be your most helpful companion if you aspire for pursuing your education in Overseas. We provide you expert guidance in choosing the best course that suits you based on your educational backgrounds and obviously your passions and interests. After choosing the course of study, we help you in enrolling yourself in the best institution that offers you the same.

Most of the Overseas Government is committed to provide the highest quality education system and make sure that international students receive the support they need while they are studying. We make you aware about your rights and privileges as an international student and thereby make your stay in Overseas fruitful for your life. For students who wish to settle down in countries like in Australia, there exists abundant opportunities. With your talent and hard work, along with our guidance, you will be able to build your career in your dream country and live up to your expectations. MEIC assures you to provide expert guidance and assistance while you are in Overseas, through our Associate company Metier International Group Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia.

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