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I'm Melanie and am currently working within the youth sector. On a day to day basis I provide information, advice, guidance and practical support to a caseload of vulnerable young people aged 16-19, engaging their confidence and maintaining regular contact, through arranged appointments and informally, helping them overcome barriers to their progress in education, training and employment, to raise their aspirations and help them reach their full potential.
I take responsibility for tracking young people who are NEET (not in employment, education or training) or whose current activity is unknown and working towards KPI's from NEET to EET. I also refer young people on to more specialist services where appropriate, brokering support and acting as a personal advocate and intermediary to overcome barriers.
My role as a youth project coordinator requires me to build and maintain relationships with different departments and encourage the local authorities to actively promote the youth projects and services on offer to young people (ages 16-25)
A crucial part of my role is to enable and develop positive and trustworthy relationships among the local authorities, local businesses and act as the link between them and young people with the overall aim of reducing the NEET (Not in education, employment or training) figures. A key part of my role is to advise, guide and support young people whom are currently not in work or education into a positive out come. I manage a number of caseloads spread across the borough of Brent and I am required to to plan, structor and deliver group sessions designed for young people aimed at confidence building and team work. I am also responsible for sourcing out current opportunities available to young people wether it be apprenticeships, training, courses and employment opportunities from corporate to local businesses and have been able to successfully generate links with local businesses who offer work experience which allow me to send young people directly to them.
I am also a level 3 qualified personal trainer and after leaving university in 2009 I began my career within the fitness industry, my first role was as Personal Trainer at Virgin Active which I held for 3 years. I then transitioned into an assistant manager role where I gained experiences of leadership, holding weekly team meetings, analysing monthly profit and loss reports, pitching to local business selling corporate memberships and recruiting staff. I believe that by guiding an individual to enhance their fitness levels and achieve their goals can also have a knock on effect, boost confidence and self esteem. I am am advocate for fitness and truly passionate about inspiring young people and would love the opportunity to combine the two on a voluntary basis 

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