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Precious One Nursery School


United Pentecostal Christian Life Church is located in Te Kulo Ojwina a deprived part of Lira Town, Northern Uganda. Te Kulo Ojwin was formally known as Utambica which means home of people with mental problems. The area is deprived and the church is transforming, restoring and has brought hope in the lives of this disadvantaged community.Majority of the parents have very low income, single parents, widows, HIV/Aids positive and cannot afford to pay school fees for their children to attend private nursery school. And because of this their children were staying at home compared to children from families with good income who are attending good nursery school within Lira town. Two years ago the church leadership decided to setup Precious One Nursery School to provide an opportunity to these disadvantaged children to attend quality education. Currently the Nursery School is operating from temporary structures as below. There is need to improved the learning environment for these children. This year we plan to raise money to build modern classroom, library, kitchen and dining room. In addition we need educational teaching and learning resources, school furniture (desk, chairs, filling cabinets), computers, laptops, video cameras, smart boards, equipment, textbooks, pens, note books, pencils etc. Furthermore the children grow, develop and learn well if the have interesting things they can use to play. We are therefore also requesting support us to build a good and safe play ground for these children. 

We are also in need of cloths, bedding, shoes, soap etc. for these children. 

We are therefore requesting you, your organization, church or company to help us bring hope in the lives of these disadvantaged children in any way you can support us. You can make donation to Medaid United Kingdom, Charity Registration Number 1111025.

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