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The Persian LGBT Advisory service is a Asylum and Refugee  support group organisation which provides support and assistance to Persian speakers such as Afghan,Tajikistan and Iranian Asylum seekers here in the UK. The organisation evolved from an Iranian Internet community Facebook page which formed in 2009. The Facebook page helps to spread the news of those who live in the UK and aims to educate its readers to raise awareness about issues facing sexual minorities in Iran, who routinely experience discrimination and oppression, imprisonment, torture and even execution.

Given the censorship practiced by the current regime in Iran. Most of the Facebook page members and associates are based in the UK. The organisation is also concerned with the difficulties faced by Iranian refugees here in the UK that escape persecution on the basis of their sexuality in Iran.Thereby reaching those without access to the Internet. The organisationís Human Rights Office addresses immigration issues, especially the particular problems of homosexual refugees from Iran, often collaborating with LGBT groups in the UK in order to assist those who have fled Iran in fear of their lives or liberty.

Mazyar Shirali, founder of Persian LGBT advisory

Mazyar Shirali, founder of Persian LGBT advisory

My name is Mazyar Shirali known  by many of our users and supportive organisations as Maani. I 2008 I founded the not-for-profit organisation the Persian LGBT Advisory service. I am a qualified Level One OISC adviser I am able to provide initial advice on Immigration matters also assisting Asylum seekers to educate themselves and encouraging their integration into society and educate them how to live a healthy life in the UK. I assist clients with registering with their Local GP , sign posting to other services, enrolling in English classes provided by their Local College, filling housing forms or any forms that they required, interpreting at solicitors, courts, the Police station , DRís (GP), contacting their Local MPís etc and assisting clients to write letters to the Home Office regarding their case.



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