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This is not just a about going on a vacation!i it ia about improving lives, giving underprivileged people the tools you had. i enjoy helping people but what i enjoy most is trying out new thigns. Going overseas will influence my own levels of motivaion and self-countrol because it means that i am out of my comfort zone, i want to do something that improves the way i think of myselve and the world and i con't really do that if i am at the same place all the time doing the same routinee over and over again, i have to do something worthwhile. i know that if you are not motivated enough, you will quit, and it always gets tough, but goin overseas will motivate me to figure out what i want and start being who i want to be. i want to help people and try do something i have never done before because it means that i get to show what i am capable of, it also helps me show others what i can give. i belive that doing something i have never done before will imoprove my performance on demanding tasks with practice, training, coaching, and dedication to learning. in order to get a a great outcome, i work ard but at the same time i have fun because it makes the adventure more engaging and interesting. the reason i want to go aboard is to expand my mind by living in diffrent environment compared to my country, dong this i will become more independant and lear different ways of thining by the people i meet.

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