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My name is  Mathius Mwesige I workk Kyembogo Farmers Association (KYEFA) a Non Governmental Organization registered in Uganda, it works with Vulnerable households (widows, orphans and vulnerable households and elderly groups) to improve their livelihoods through promotion of agriculture, food security and nutrition, Promotion of children protection, and psychosocial support


The organisation also promotes Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) among the beneficiaries, this help in accumulation of small revenues to cater for domestic and school fees issues and accumulation of assets at household levels.


KYEFA also promotes parents-led school gardens in schools aimed at increasing parental participation in school activities, parents learning good agricultural knowledge/practices and transfer the attained knowledge back home by both children and parents to increase food security and production, the program also promotes safe water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools all aimed at increasing grades in school. The organization also use these forums to educate groups on HIV/AIDS prevention and protection, early pregnancies, and advocate for cross cutting issues. these and much more have kept our communities in absolute poverty. there is much more that is desired to accomplish but resource are very limited support our program activities and save a life.

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