Mary Moore

Winter Night Shelter - Sponsored Sleep Out

For Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes

Mar 27 2015

Apr 27 2015

Winter Night Shelter - Sponsored Sleep Out photo

Despite my tendency to fall asleep anywhere, at any time, this is going to be hard, but not as hard as it is for those people who face the prospect of sleeping on the streets night after night with no bed to go back to in the morning.  During the worst of the winter months, the Winter Night Shelter provides a bed and a hot meal for homeless people in Milton Keynes as well as helping some of them into permanent accommodation.  Please help them to continue the fantastic work they do by donating whatever you can afford.

Event Location: Buckinghamshire

Event Category: Fun Challenges > Endurance Test (e.g. staying awake, standing up, reading)

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My Fundraising Updates

Lessons Learned

Date posted: Mar 28 2015

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Money raised: £77.50

  • Hope it all goes well!

    Gail , 01 Apr 2015

    £3.75 Gift Aid

  • well done Mary

    kim gaston, 28 Mar 2015

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • I'm not sure I'd have been prepared to do this - so brava to you!

    SJ, 28 Mar 2015

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Sarah and Ellie, 25 Mar 2015

    £1.25 Gift Aid

  • Michael Smith, 23 Mar 2015

    £0.63 Gift Aid

  • John Herriman, 21 Mar 2015

    £1.25 Gift Aid

  • Good Luck Mary :-) You are amazing!

    Ashley Holland, 17 Mar 2015

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Hope the night is at least dry. Good luck xxx

    Lorraine Worth, 16 Mar 2015

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Great cause Mary - good luck x

    Dominique Lythgoe, 16 Mar 2015

    £2.50 Gift Aid