Martin Radmore

Martin Radmore

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Norwich, Norfolk

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I am an education professional with skills and acumen in business, sustainability and service improvement. I am very customer focussed and passionate about making a difference for children and young people.

i led the development of PE in Norfolk and received a national award for this in 2012. I am now a senior manager responsible for a wide range of services which deliver programmes direct to young people and support teacher development. I also manage an outdoor centre, residential centre and a new STEM Centre in Norwich.

i wish to provide my time to put something back now that my own children are grown up and far more independent. Looking to provide my experience, expertise and passion to support a charity or charities.

I regularly donate to Cancer charities as this disease took my mother, Help for Heroes as our armed forces are superb and deserve our help and respect when they need it and children's charities. I want to take it from simply donating to actually helping.

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