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Iíll not pretend to be anything other than new to this site! I joined January 2014.

About me: My name is Mark, Iím 26 and I work as a business consultant within the software industry. Iím from Essex but now living in Durham, looking to buy a house in Newcastle within the next few months. I moved up North to attend University in 2005 and ended up meeting my current partner and have been here ever since.

Why have I joined the site? Well, I want a hobby Ė I have a lot of spare time outside of work and I want something to do, something that will be rewarding and ongoing. Ideally I would like to work with children that need role models or help in their lives Ö with this being new to me Iím not too sure of the options or needs out there, particularly in the NE and Iím hoping the site will connect me with the right people.

Why children? Well, I come from a big family, with 5 sisters and two brothers Ė all are younger than me. Iím 26 and my siblings are 24, 23, 17, 14, 13, 6 and 5. I have always had kids in my life and I connect well with them. I also worked in my teenage years at a theme park in Essex for 8 summers as a party host, my job was to look after 10-20 kids at any one time for 3 hours and ensure they had a day to remember.

I feel I can connect well with the youth of today and be a role model to those in need.

Anything else you should know? Erm, I like football, food, cooking, TV, video games, socialising, cooking and working out at the gym - although my love of food contradicts my gym work massively! 

If you feel I could be right for you, do get in touch



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