Marie Agyare - Wiseborn

Marie Agyare - Wiseborn

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My name is Marie

I would like to give my time to help children and the youth of today. Even though I  am  teenager myself I do believe I am more than capable to be an amazing volunteer . I enjoy a variety of sport and can easily create and play games, with children of different ages. I am bubbly and approachable which I think is important, in order for the children and youth to connect with you . On Sundays I assist with the Sunday school teaching and helping with the children's choir. I have  experienced working with children during work experience at a nursery, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I do believe it's important to make sure the child or teenagers best interest is put first, to give them the greatest time ever. I love planning events, such as the multi cultural evening I organized by myself in year 11 to celebrate culture within my secondary school. I  am imaginative and come up with fun as well as informative ideas catering to all abilities. Even though I am only young, I do  think I am mature enough to make a difference to the young people which is what I'll strive to do

Thank you.  :)

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